Ironman Safe Shipping time and Delivery Info

Shipping of this size is still a one off process.. however, what we do is go based on a .50 a pound for shipping. Must be mainland.

It is usually cheaper than that, and with UPS now getting in the freight game, it is changing fast.

Normally we only ship within the continental USA. Arrangements can be made for shipping into Canada and Alaska, but the shipping prices increase dramatically.

Shipping is a big variable in pricing. It depends on the weight of the safe and the location and type of delivery. Prices can range from $250 to almost $650.   That is the range really. It could be more, or less but that seems to be the range. We do not charge you extra “Factory handling” when we get your safe ready to ship to you. That is part of the IronmanSafe service. You buy the safe, we bundle it and create it, and ship it to you direct. You pay for the shipping. You have the option to find your own shipping too.

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